Transform your sleep and wellbeing with the personalized, all-in-one app for emotional health

Ready to level up your wellness? I've collaborated with Aura as a wellness coach so you can easily access my mindful hypnosis, EMDR exercises, sleep meditations, and wellness talks. Aura is a personalized mindfulness & wellness app with dozens of health experts delivering high quality mind-body medicine from the comfort of your home. My favorite features are mood tracking, journaling prompts, and the supportive Facebook community. Find meditations based on your mood and reap the benefits in just 3 minutes a day. If you can't make a commitment to regular therapy or now isn't a time to invest for sessions together, using the Aura app and my meditations is the next best thing you can do for your wellbeing. Download Aura Today! Use my guest pass to gain premium access to Aura for the next 30 days