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Mindful Hypnotherapy Reduces Stress and Increases Mindfulness

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The feasibility of mindful hypnotherapy (MH) intervention for stress reduction was investigated in a randomized trial. Forty-two college-age participants with elevated stress were randomized into MH intervention or wait-list control condition. MH participants completed an 8-week intervention with 1-hour individual sessions and self-hypnosis audio recordings for daily mindfulness. Results indicated excellent feasibility, determined by participant satisfaction, treatment adherence (84% compliance rate), and low rate of adverse events (4.5%). There were significant differences between the MH and control groups postintervention, with the mindful hypnotherapy intervention resulting in significant and large decrease in perceived distress, p < .001, 15.35 (1.54), Hedge’s g = − 1.14, and increase in mindfulness, p < .001, 50.07 (2.04), Hedge’s g = 1.36. This study indicates that MH is a feasible intervention for stress reduction and increasing mindfulness.

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