Trauma & Complex PTSD

Trauma isn’t always what happened to you, it can be what DID NOT happen to you.

Perhaps you don’t define your life as “traumatic” but there are memories that you wish you never even happened. Clients I work with frequently feel that something is “off” or missing within them or in their life. Something may have happened to them that they wish to forget.  The following are common traumatic situations:

  • Growing up in poverty                                       - Racism, sexism, & discrimination
  • Being raised in a hypercritical family             - Bullying
  • Parental substance or alcohol abuse             - Unwanted sexual experiences
  • Abandonment                                                     - Chronic pain and medical issues
  • Dysfunctional family issues                              - Grief and loss (humans & pets too)

I highly recommend EMDR, we can uproot the core mindset blocks that keep you stuck so you can feel fulfilled again.

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