Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

The Antidote to Anxiety is Action

Do you want to rediscover your strengths, maximize the richness of your life, and be a ninja navigating life’s sucker punches? 

That what you get from ACT (which is pronounced as the word “act,” not the initials).

ACT is a powerful treatment that teaches you mindfulness skills to

  • deal with painful thoughts, feels, and shitty life events efficiently & effectively
  • clarify what is truly important to you (aka your values) so you feel less lost in life

How it helps?

ACT is a transdiagnostic therapy which simply means it is designed to alleviate human suffering in all shapes, forms, and DSM-5 diagnoses. Be present, open up, do what matters.

3 main skills you will learn

  • Defusion: letting go of unhelpful thoughts, stories, memories (thoughts are not facts)
  • Acceptance: making room for painful feelings, urges, sensations and allowing them to come and go without struggling
  • Committed action: engaging fully with your values and do what matters most in your life