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Improving Your Sleep As A Therapist - Selling the Couch Podcast episode 289

Today’s show is about one of my most favorite topics in the world: sleep. I’ll admit that my thinking about sleep has changed a lot over the years as I’ve learned more. Whether you’re a champion sleeper or someone who needs to pay more attention to rest, today’s show has helpful information and expert tips for you. Join us!

You’ll Learn:

● What happens during the normal sleep cycles: light, restful, deep, and REM

● How disruptions can affect sleep cycles

● The connection between quality sleep and mood

● How sleep helps your immune system, neurogenesis, and muscle growth and repair

● How deep sleep is the “washing cycle” for brain and body, flushing out negative thoughts and toxins● How hustle culture and internalized capitalism (the belief that our worth is tied to our productivity and what we DO) can compound our sleep difficulties

● Why sleep is the first thing we cut away when cramped for time, even though it’s really our most effective superpower

● The specific challenges of entrepreneurship in getting enough sleep

● The intricacies of racism and stereotypes related to internalized capitalism

● Why rest is rebellious and radical empowerment

● The importance of finding peace and balance in life through prioritizing rest

● Liz’s tips for improved sleep:

     ○ Clearly communicate boundaries to clients and colleagues about your hours and availability.

     ○ Have a physical wind-down ritual for your body and mind to signal the transition from work.

     ○ Write a gratitude or “win” list each night before bed.

● What’s up next for Dr. Liz? Become a Better Sleeper course and podcast are coming soon!

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