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Ep.102: Perfectionism, Neurodivergence, & ADHD Beyond Zero with Dr. David Meyer

Hey fellow Beyond Zero'er In this episode we unravel perfectionism, where it comes from, its relationship to ADHD, and if it helps or hurts us. Special guest for this episode, Dr.Liz Slonena joins who is a psychotherapist and specializes on the topic of perfectionism and works with adult professionals that have ADHD. You will be surprised with some of the twists and turns of this episode as I become a pseudo patient for Dr.Liz and take the proverbial shrink's chair.
Dr.Liz also schools me on "neurodivergence" and the importance of this topic in the "neurotypical" society today that we might be living in...

One of the important research papers that I mention in this episode can be found here that is titled Positive Conceptions of Perfectionism: Approaches, Evidence, Challenges.

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